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Thyme is a Mediterranean herb with dietary, medicinal, and ornamental uses. The flowers, leaves, and oil of thyme have been used to treat a range of symptoms and complaints. These include diarrhea, stomach ache, arthritis, and sore throat. The most common variety is Thymus vulgaris. A wide range of thyme products is available for purchase online. This article looks at the medicinal uses and nutrition of thyme, as well as the history of its rise to popularity.



Saffron is a spice extracted from Crocus sativus flower. After reaching to the final measurement of 8-12 inches, the filaments -which are called stigma and styles- harvested and dried to form end product saffron. Although the premium saffron is obtained from stigmas, but the other parts of the flower are also used to produce different types of saffron. Various components in saffron are responsible for its color and aroma including picrocrocin, safranal and crocin pigment.

WHY Organic Zagros Product IS THE BEST AND CALLED Organic?

Natural growth

Organically-based product is a product without artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Organic Zagros products are produced on an organically managed farm. In producing organic Zagros products, soil microbes and beneficial insects are controlled


The best way to authenticate a premium saffron is to judge by its appearance. Sargol saffron is composed of pure 25-30 mm long, natural vivid dark red and extremely fragrant stigma threads. Broken and light red filaments are equal to the low quality saffron


Persian Sargol quality is determined by integrity, purity and more important laboratory certificates. In ISO 3632 grading system, which Sargol sits in the grade I category, the characteristic of Premium Persian saffron is the color reading of more than 250. .


With harvesting more than 300 tons annually, Iran accounts for almost 95% of world production of saffron. This spice is perfectly fitted with the dry climate and soil composition. In addition, the eminent crop protection and harvesting processes, makes the Iranian saffron, the best and costliest exquisite condiment in the world.


We are obliged to offer our clients the most premium products not only to repute our business title, but also to convey the actual eminence of Persian saffron. In addition to product high quality, our packages are also diverse in terms of design and weight including Khatam Box, Khatam Tray, Khatam vaccum, Flower design and Cruet (Shaker). Other than Premium Sargol saffron we are capable to receive purchase order for Pushal, Bunch and Konj saffron as well as saffron powder and saffron spray

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price and annual production of our saffron?


50KG     price:$1.59


100KG     price:$1.59


30KG     price:$1.2


40KG     price:$1.1


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