Persian Saffron

It is traditionally grown in Lorestan, in central Zagros, Iran, with ideal climatic conditions for the growth of medicinal plants including saffron. Saffron is a valuable spice originating in the Zagros Mountains during the Median period. The saffron that produces a lot is actually a very small part of the Crocus Sativus Lineas plant and everything about it is really interesting.

Every day during the one-month harvest season, which begins in mid-October, farmers must wake up before sunrise to go to the fields and pick the beautiful, delicate purple flowers that bloom overnight. They should be harvested before exposure to excessive sunlight. The flowers are then transferred to the processed parts in the baskets, which are easily removed by hand.
The next step is to gently dry the erections before testing, sorting, wrapping, and sealing them to make sure they are dry, giving them the perfect, unique and exquisite taste, aroma and color of this “vegetable gold”. Reaches the consumer.